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Identify portfolio risk and take action sooner

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In an ever-changing risk environment, how do you manage your strategies to keep control of your portfolio? TransUnion Express Portfolio Review gives you timely, accurate intelligence on customer credit profile changes—so you can make informed decisions and take action.

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Designed to suit your needs

TransUnion Express Portfolio Review is the self-service, online solution that gives you the flexibility to choose from a list of 19 scores and more than 200 credit file attributes. Now, you can identify, segment and prioritize accounts that meet designated risk levels.

Improve profitability

Predict a consumer’s capacity to pay and:
  • Make better credit line management decisions
  • Enhance loan modification strategies
  • Preempt delinquency on underperforming accounts
  • Leverage data in stress testing to help meet compliance requirements
  • Identify your best customers and increase retention

Collect more with fewer resources

  • Prioritize collections and align resources with the right accounts
  • Identify customers who are likely to pay
  • Implement cost-effective strategies based on segmented accounts

Use timely data for accurate portfolio valuations

  • Up-to-date estimations of portfolio value
  • Additional information for merger and acquisition decisions

A solution that’s comprehensive, fast and flexible

  • Nineteen scores, including VantageScore® 2.0 and FICO® 8 Mortgage Score
  • Over 200 attributes
  • Submit up to 300,000 records
  • Get reminder email notifications
  • Real-time validation of input file
  • Results returned in less than 48 hours
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