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Identity Alerts

Protect yourself against newer, more sophisticated types of fraud.

In today’s online, mobile and retail environments, fraudsters are constantly switching tactics and developing more sophisticated ways to attack companies. In order to mitigate the potential damage done by these changing tactics, companies must quickly and constantly fine-tune their fraud detection capabilities.

The TransUnion Identity Alerts solution is a comprehensive new way to do just that. Identity Alerts provide unique behavioral insights that warn organizations of new types of fraud such as synthetic fraud, relational anomalies, application velocity and other verification risks. And, because Identity Alerts messages are derived from a non-credit data source with new types of notifications, they can be used with traditional alert systems such as High Risk Fraud Alert to add an additional layer of fraud protection.

Identity Alerts allow you to detect:
  • Fabricated identities or identity elements from multiple consumers combined into a single false identity
  • Suspicious links between identities or identity elements
  • Unknown identity elements used in combination with known consumer identities
  • Known fraudulent identities and identity elements

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