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Location Services

Our location services help you locate virtually any account-active consumer in the marketplace. Reduce calls to disconnected or wrong numbers and decrease the amount of returned notification mailings. Also monitor credit behavior so you can identify changes that can make uncollectible accounts recoverable.

We offer a full range of location services so you can choose the best method to locate missing accountholders:

ID Search - Locate missing individuals and past due accounts by comparing your portfolio to the most current debtor information and reviewing "best matched" consumer files.

Individual Monitoring Report - Watch for changes in credit behavior on selected accounts and receive new contact information updates for up to 36 months.

Reverse Phone Append - Match a given 10-digit phone number to a current name and address by accessing a multi-source database.

Social Security Number Search - Verify consumer information or obtain new account details about debtors with social security number matches. Return up to six files that match the provided number.

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