Collections Management

Collections Management

Bad debt can damage your business and impair your ability to stay competitive. Our solutions combine the latest credit data and collection information with advanced analytics, robust decisioning and sophisticated workflow tools to help you manage expenses, improve recovery rates and reduce write-offs.

Our Collections Management solutions also enable you to:

  • Locate debtors faster - Telephone and cell phone account information helps to locate debtors earlier in the collections lifecycle, which can increase revenue while reducing data and labor costs.
  • Improve the bottom line - Powerful analytics help you determine which debtors are most likely to pay and where to focus your efforts to recover more with less expense.
  • Obtain greater insight - High quality data and decisioning tools give you the insight you need to make more informed decisions about how to optimize your collections process and work more effectively.

If you're a part of a collection agency looking to better prioritize, locate and collect outstanding debt, our solutions can be tailored to your varying business needs. Unlike other debt recovery solutions, our Collection Management services are specifically designed to address the issues in your industry utilizing special features geared toward collection professionals.

Find missing debtors quickly and easily using the latest data and a variety of cost-effective tools.
Collect smarter, not harder, by identifying the optimal strategies for your account portfolios.
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