Industry Solutions
Every company has unique needs. To remain competitive—or gain an advantage—companies may require services tailored to their specific business. At TransUnion, we realize that one solution does not necessarily fit all customers, which is why our business intelligence solutions are customized to a wide range of industries.

With TransUnion Direct, you'll gain immediate access to the services you need to achieve your specific goals. Make more informed decisions and work more efficiently across the entire customer lifecycle. Limit risk, acquire customers and realize the full potential of your business using our powerful industry solutions.

Determine the creditworthiness of potential customers and reduce risk and fraud.
Collect more with less expense by locating debtors faster and prioritizing accounts more effectively.
Offer the right products to the right customers at the right time using our powerful combination of data, analytics and decisioning.
Control expenses and better manage your revenue cycle while still providing quality healthcare.
Improve your direct marketing and underwriting efforts by finding better prospects and successfully managing risk.
Make better-informed choices about who you rent to. By combining key background data with decisioning and analytics, TransUnion makes it easy.
Improve your revenue potential by gaining the insight to expand your customer base while limiting risk.
Allow more qualified customers to take advantage of new and bundled service offers and streamline your collections efforts by locating debtors more effectively.
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