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Credit Reports

Our comprehensive database contains information on approximately 200 million credit-active individuals in the U.S. that is provided by more than 85,000 credit-issuing institutions. Each month, we receive billions of updates so we can continue to offer you the most current and extensive consumer information.
Our credit reports also enable you to:

Balance approval rates with acceptable risk levels - Using the most up-to-date information to make approval decisions can help you determine which consumers to approve for credit based upon the risk level set by your organization.

Decrease manual review time - Save time and money by using add-on services to a credit report that help target only potentially risky accounts for manual review before an approval decision is made.

Streamline internal processes - When full credit information is not needed, chose a modified version of a credit report to make quicker decisions and reduce costs.

The inside of a credit report:

TransUnion credit reports are comprised of five sections: Identifying Information, Tradelines, Collections, Public Records, and Inquiries. Any consumer statements or other Fair Credit Reporting Act information will also be displayed.

Identifying Information
Facts about a consumer including legal name and aliases, current address, past addresses if current address is under two years, date of birth, social security number, and current telephone number.

All credit accounts held by the consumer as well as current and past payment histories.

Any accounts being processed by a third party collection agency.

Public Records
Information pertaining to county, state, and federal court records including civil judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies.

Information about other companies that have reviewed the consumer's credit report within the last two years.

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