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User Profile and Preferences

What is the User Profile?

The User Profile page is where you can change your password and update your email address. You can also provide information about your company and your role within the company.

How do I update my User Profile?

You may update your User Profile by clicking the "User Profile" link on the top navigation bar.

What is a challenge response?

The first time you logged in, you were asked to choose a challenge question, such as "What is your father's middle name?", and provide a response. You will need to remember exactly how you entered the response. If you need to reset your password, download a digital certificate, or access your Order History, you will be prompted to provide your challenge response. 

How often do I need to reset my password?

For added security, you will be prompted to change your password every 90 days.

Can I use a previously used password when I am prompted to change my password?

To protect the security of confidential credit information, all users must change their password at each 90-day expiration period. You are required to select and begin using a new password that you have not used in the past for TransUnion Direct.

Existing Clients
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