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Service/Product Information

What services are available on TransUnion Direct?

Services currently available include:

Authorized User Alerts
L2C Thin File Model
TransUnion Credit Report
Collection Credit Report
Collection Prioritization Engine
Compliance Verification
Comprehensive Locator Report
Model Report
Government Report
Account Reporting Review
Employment Credit Report
Express Portfolio Review
ID Search
ID Report 
Identity Manager
Insurance Rating Support Engine
SSN Search
SSN Report
Individual Monitoring
Reverse Phone Append
Fraud Management Platform
Fraud Detect
Total ID
High Risk Fraud Alert
Creditor Contact Information
Instant Deposit Screen
Instant Credit Risk Screen
Instant Prescreen
Instant Review
Decision View

When a subscriber code is selected, all TransUnion services validated for that subscriber code will display as options.

What does the L2C Thin File Model do?

Our L2C Thin File Model uses alternative data to identify creditworthy prospects among previously unscoreable consumers and predict the likelihood of their accounts becoming 90 days or more delinquent in a 12-month period. This insight - in the form of an easy-to-read score - can be used to increase consumer loyalty and repeat business by offering better credit terms or first-time credit to underserved buyers, and improve operational efficiency through real-time credit decisions and reduced manual review costs.

What do Authorized User Alerts do?

TransUnion's Authorized User Alerts help reduce the impact of authorized user abuse by notifying you about the potential for artificial score inflation using your own specific risk threshold as a guide. These alerts immediately advise you when a large number and/or percentage of active trades on an individual's credit file has an authorized user status and display such activity in the Special Messages section of the TransUnion credit report.

What is a Model Report?

The TransUnion Model Report was designed for customers who do not need the full level of detail provided by a Credit Report. It contains three standard sections:
  • Indicative information
  • Special messages
  • Model profile (optional)

It does not include collections, public records, tradelines, or inquiries. The Model Report uses all the information that is on a full Credit Report to calculate a risk score or other algorithm, if requested. The risk score can be used to generate a custom message.

What does High Risk Fraud Alert do?

High Risk Fraud Alert helps manage risk by providing specific information about potentially fraudulent situations. High Risk Fraud Alert generates a series of over 50 separate notifications based upon data received. The notifications will suggest further examination of the address, Social Security Number (SSN), or telephone number corresponding to the High Risk Fraud Alert Message returned.

What is Creditor Contact Information?

Creditor Contact Information is a standalone transaction that decodes individual codes for trades, collections, and public records, but not inquiry codes. Creditor Contact Information returns the subscriber's name, address, and, if available, telephone number.

What is ID Search?

ID Search uses subscriber-provided name and address information to return a subject's social security number (SSN) and other indicative information (excluding employment/salary). If the SSN is included in the input, a search is done across market areas.

What is Total ID®?

Total ID automatically provides access to Reverse Phone Append and the Total ID fraud verification logic. It is a quick and accurate identity verification and application service, providing both fraud detection and a reduction in manual review time. Total ID is identified by product code: 06710.

Total ID provides enhanced fraud detection by:

  • Performing identity verification. It matches application data against multiple databases and returns mismatch results. Total ID checks a variety of multi-sourced databases with national coverage and timely updates.
  • Application analysis. It helps determine if application data is valid by looking for inconsistencies in the application information.

What is Reverse Phone Append?

Reverse Phone Append is a TransUnion non-permissible product that uses only a phone number as input and does not return any credit information. It can return phone number ownership of both business and residential information, specific characteristics of the phone number, and any noted restrictions.

What is ID Report?

ID Report is a search tool that uses name and Social Security Number (SSN) for application evaluation and information verification when extending credit, collecting debt, or conducting employment screening. Permissible purpose is required, as this product uses TransUnion's consumer credit database and returns name, addresses and Social Security Number. A consumer statement and the number of hard inquires on the file are also returned. ID Report is available for individual inquiries only. High Risk Fraud Alert, ID Mismatch Alert, and Phone Append are available as add-on products.

What is the Batch User role?

In order to use TransUnion Direct's batch services, a user needs to be assigned the Batch User role. Batch Services currently available are Express Portfolio Review and Collection Prioritization Engine. The Company or Location Administrator assigns the role to users through the TransUnion Direct Administration site within the User Details section for that individual. Other users with access to the same subscriber code will not have access to batch services unless the user has been enabled as a Batch User.

What does SSN Search do?

SSN Search uses an individual's Social Security Number to return up to six different files. Name, current address and up to two previous addresses are returned on each file. A date reported is returned on the current and first previous address in each file.

What is Fraud Detect?

Fraud Detect is a personal and business identification verification system designed to prevent application fraud. Fraud Detect uses a variety of algorithms to determine the validity of personal identifiers provided by a consumer or business applicant.

What is Phone Append?

Phone Append is an add-on product that will attach a ten-digit telephone number (including area code) to a variety of core products. Phone Append searches for a consumer's telephone number in a national telephone number database owned by an independent supplier.

The number retrieved from the national phone number database will be displayed in the regular telephone field on the report unless it is unlisted or unpublished. The actual number for unlisted or unpublished numbers will not be returned, but an indicator will show that a private number was found.

What information is returned on a Collection Credit Report?

A Collection Credit Report is a comprehensive summary of the following information:

1.  Subject Name Information
2.  Address Information: Current address and two previous addresses
3.  Personal Information: Includes Social Security Number (SSN), birth date, and telephone number.
4.  Employment Information: The two most recent jobs are returned when present on the consumer file.
5.  Date of Last Activity and Activity Type: Both items are reported to show the most current information on the subject's file. The date of last activity is taken from a date on a public record, tradeline, or inquiry.
6.  Special Messages: Returned in the special message section, when applicable. Messages include a special deceased message, FCRA messages concerning bankruptcy, account closed by consumer or account in dispute.
7.  Model Profile: Includes any scores for models validated for the subscriber.
8.  Public Record Information
9.  Tradeline Information
10.  Inquiry Information
11.  Consumer Statement Information: If the file contains a consumer statement
12.  Owning Bureau Information

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