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Order History

How long are reports stored in my Order History?

You may view reports for up to seven days without having to reorder, refer back to previous orders, and request additional reports without having to re-enter consumer information. Consumer data input is retained for 90 days to facilitate re-order of new TransUnion services on the consumer.  Reorders are also subject to your contractual obligations and all FCRA and other legal requirements.

Do I need to do anything to save reports to my Order History?

No. Reports are automatically saved to your Order History for seven days.

How do I access reports stored in my Order History?

Click the "Order History" link in the top navigation bar. You can immediately view the reports if an order was submitted during the current user session (since your most recent login). If an order was submitted prior to the current user session but within the last seven days, you will be asked to enter your challenge response to view the results. After seven days, orders expire and can no longer be viewed.  However, name and address information is stored for 90 days in your Order History.

What information is stored in my Order History?

All reports that were pulled in the last seven days are available in your Order History. The name and address information that you submitted for a subject will be available for 90 days.

Can other users in my company view reports that I've pulled?

No. Order history information is intended for your exclusive use.  The retention of this data is provided as a convenience for you, in lieu of printing or storing reports elsewhere. Each user has access only to his or her order results. Subsequent access to this data is subject to your contractual obligations and all applicable legal requirements, including the FCRA certification you provided when the report was initially requested and you may use the report for no other purpose. However, activity report users can access the number of reports each user has ordered, as well as each subject's name.

Why am I being asked a challenge question when I access my own order history?

Because of the potential risk of improper access to this information if your systems or passwords are compromised, TransUnion has instituted the additional security measure of requiring a challenge response when your Order History is accessed in a subsequent session.  The challenge question and response is NOT intended to be a substitute for good security practices.

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