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What is a TransUnion Direct Administrator?

The TransUnion Direct registration process requires that a key person be designated as the TransUnion Direct Company Administrator. Most often this will be your LAN or network person, security officer, or general manager. The TransUnion Direct Administrator is the individual who will manage the TransUnion Direct registration as well as user access on your company's behalf.

Your TransUnion Direct Company Administrator, as designated on the TransUnion Direct Registration Request Form, is the first user/administration who is created. They have the responsibility of creating any additional users, location or company administrators, and/or locations.

Access to credit data over the Internet requires a heightened degree of security versus traditional access methods. The TransUnion Direct Administrator helps safeguard customer information by limiting and monitoring access to TransUnion Direct.

Can there be more than one TransUnion Direct Administrator at a site?

TransUnion Direct allows multiple Administrators (both Company and Location Administrators) to be assigned. With the use of the Administration site, Administrators can create new users as well as additional administrators for their company or locations.

What is the difference between a Company Administrator and a Location Administrator?

The Company Administrator will have access to all locations and users within the company and the Location Administrator may maintain only those users who are in the associated location.

What tasks can an Administrator do?

Company and Location Administrators can create new users, reset a user's password, update a user's role, and update a user's location access. Company Administrators can also create or update locations and assign additional subscriber codes to a location.

How do I know who my Administrator(s) are?

If you are logged into TransUnion Direct, your Location Administrators are displayed on the left side of the screen under the heading "Location Support."  If you need help logging in and do not know who your Administrators are, you may contact the Service Desk at 800-813-5604 for assistance.

How do I access the Administration section of TransUnion Direct?
If you are a Company and/or Location Administrator, you may access the Administration section by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

How many User IDs are currently being used by My TransUnion Direct Company?
TransUnion Direct Administrators are able to view a list of User IDs within the Administration site. This is also where Administrators can add new users and temporarily disable or permanently terminate User IDs not being used.

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