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TransUnion Direct Notice to Customers with Firewalls Alert Message

Due to network/technical upgrades, TransUnion will be changing the IP addresses currently used to access the TransUnion Direct Services applications. If you currently have restrictions in your firewall, you will need to ADD the following IP addresses.

• –
• –
• –
• –

IMPORTANT: These IP addresses are additions to firewall rules. Do not update or remove any current restriction rules. For optimal service, please make these changes now. If you do not make these additions, you will not be able to access these applications.

If you do not employ a firewall with IP restrictions to access TransUnion Direct, you will not be impacted and will not need to make the additions noted above. The URLs for TransUnion Direct will not change. To learn more about these enhancements, please contact the TransUnion Service Desk at 800-813-5604, and reference email TUD1.1.
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